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About | Holland Design Group

Our Story

Holland Design Group began in 2015 as a small time graphic design agency helping small businesses with their digital needs for website development and content design.
Since then, HDG has evolved to focus solely on helping businesses grow by designing Advanced Facebook and Instagram marketing funnels that exactly targets audiences from their favorite online magazine to the last time they ate Froot Loops........Kidding.....Kind of.....We've also added services to incorporate their digital signage deployments ranging from content management services, consultation & content strategies, digital design creatives, and full branding for a complete cohesive marketing and branding strategy.

Our objective is to help businesses reach, engage, and generate high quality leads with their audience to generate sales and provide a professional & exciting visual experience.

We free up your time so you can focus on what you do best.
We love the power of Facebook advertising and the digital signage industry. We look forward to see how impactful content on all screens continues to connect and innovate people's businesses and lives.

Leverage All Screens

With Facebook advertising, you can bring your audience right to you on their screens. Grab their attention, get their email, have them contact you, or even have them physically go to your business. That's power of social media advertisements. It's up to you what happens next!

Our Team

Holland Design Group is a team of highly creative, intelligent, savvy, super silly marketers. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality Facebook advertising services to you and your business that gets results.... while a little fun along the way.

Alex Afterman

Senior Strategist & Facebook Funnel Architect

Alex is an analytical wizard who enjoys data driven decisions.  He develops strategies that allow businesses to scale and grow successfully.  When Alex isn’t on Facebook, he’s spending time with his family and enjoying life.

Alex Afterman

Courtney Brophy

Facebook Funnel Architect - Real Estate

Courtney is an MBA Digital Marketing and a BFA Arts Administration superstar who leverages those skill sets to development highly successful lead generation funnels using the Facebook platform for realtors and other business professionals
Courtney Brophy

Brad Holland

Owner, Senior Strategist & Creative Director

Entrepreneur ★ Digital Signage Veteran ★ Marketing Strategist ★ Technologist ★ Digital Creative ★ Photoshop Enthusiast

Brad Holland

Hannah Mongiat

Senior Facebook Funnel Architect

Hannah helps identify ways to grow your businesses, develop strategies to generate new leads and turn those leads into new business. She loves being a part of innovative ways of doing business and taking ownership in the business’s growth.

Hannah Mongiat



We’re always looking for talented Facebook campaign designers, graphic designer, copy writers, and anybody creative that’s looking to kick ass in social media marketing and help us serve our clients at the highest level.

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Facebook Advertising

Let us create and manage your Facebook ad campaigns. From ad creatives, implementation, monitoring, and optimizing we'll turn your ad spend into ad revenue. Our creatives for advertisements on Facebook & Instagram, accompanied with targeted ad copy converts and gets you leads.

Digital Signage Content Management

You need help with creating, scheduling, and managing your screens. Let HDG handle the creation of fresh content for your audience with some great images, videos, and dynamic content that engages and inspires your customers.

Digital Content Design

You need help with creating, scheduling, and managing your screens. Let HDG handle the creation of fresh content for your audience with some great images, videos, and dynamic content that engages and inspires your customers.


A digital signage campaign needs a content strategy and a software platform to meet your needs. Let's discuss your plan for your business and see how you can improve your customer's experience..
  • Brad at HDG was great to work with. He listened to my digital needs and delivered. Now I just need a computer to see it since I lost everything and live under a bridge by a landfill.

    CEO of Whirlpool Cardboard Box Homes
  • I’m a busy woman, and all I need after a long day is a place to rest and refresh. Well… I’ve tried many digital signage consultants and Holland Design Group is a breath of fresh air….mainly because of the free deodorant swag!

    Air BnB Freeloader
  • Sometimes I even amaze myself how hipster I’ve become. Now that Brad at Holland Design Group created some killer social media ads, I’m now selling more units of my beard Hummus that ever before. Livin’ tha dream!

    Hummus Loving Hipster